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Shanghai Shangfa Valve VALUES

Customer satisfaction
Discover customer needs, bring value to customers, respect and care for customers.

Respect the individual
Communicate openly and honestly, always be fair, trust and support each other, and accept different things.

A sense of achievement
Common vision and goal, sense of responsibility, determination to fight for victory, praise.

Keep on learning
Innovation and courage, support development, tolerate failure, never be complacent, and keep an open mind.

Shanghai Shangfa Valve PURPOSE

Create wealth and contribute to society.
Produce higher quality products at lower cost.
Be responsible to customer, customer is god.
The next process is the user of the previous process.In every process to improve the quality of creation, all for the user service.
Eliminate unnecessary unnecessary.
Pay attention to the ideological work of employees.
When you find a problem, consider how to deal with it, rather than firing the person responsible.

Shanghai Shangfa Valve IDEA

Customer - customer first, service first;
To the staff --- put people first
To the production -- by means of streamlining, the pursuit of low cost;
To the product -- take zero defect as the ultimate goal, the pursuit of high quality.
Rooted in local social activities, contribute to local economic and social development.
To develop business relations as the basis, mutual commitment to research and creation, to achieve long-term stable development and coexistence

Shanghai Shangfa Valve PRINCIPLE

Let the company and the society coordinate development, let the individual and the society progress together.

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